Who is Miss Fong

I am a mum of a 4 years old boy, william who is born on OCT.16, 2014. Fong is the last charater of my name.

I have been a handbag worker since 2008 when I got my first job. This was my first job and will be my last job.

During my first preganancy, I desired to maintain my style with something fashion, something in nice quality, the most important is something I can afford. I need to work out something in high value for money. Since I am a single mom, I still  have a long way to feed William. I think I should spend my every penny in a right way.

Our Value

I wanted my bag that can relieve moms from carrying different bags when they go out, it should be spacious enough. I wanted my bag that can be carried in different ways, it should have different straps on ONE BAG, it can switch to tote style, backpack style, crossbody style. I wanted my bag that can be well organized without spending extra money to buy a diaper bag organier, it should have a lot of inner pockets. I wanted my bag that includes every necesary accessory instead of spending time searching all these from different places, it should include stroller straps, changing pad etc., but meanwhile, I don’t want to carry too many separate accessories, it need to be ALL IN ONE, so I have every of my bag designed with a sewn on insulated pocket, wipes pocket, USB porter etc. I want every mom can afford but this doesn’t mean it could be low quality, I cooperate with all my friends I have known since I become handbag worker. They surport me with their good quality material at their scource price. We are all MOMs.

Honor & Attribute

All workers make Miss Fong’s bags are moms. I encourage moms not to give up their career and life even though we have to take care of our kids. I believe our kids will become who we are. All our moms are allowed to work from home with their sewing machine. Your bags dollars go the distance to help moms become independent superwomen for their kids all accross the gobal.

If you are new here, will you join us?

Miss Fong

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